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Chaired by The Pensions Regulator, the group is made up of key stakeholders across the pensions community, including representatives of trustees, employers, providers, members and pensions professionals.

The IGG has developed principles for best practice in investment governance of work-based pension schemes in the following areas. (Note: These publications represent the views of the Investment Governance Group only. It is not to be relied upon as a statement of policy by Government or any statutory regulator.)

Find out what the Investment Governance group is, the history and creation of the group, their aims, terms of reference and the representation of group members.

Read about the Investment Governance Group approach and the four sub groups it is divided into, as well as the issues identified for defined contribution, defined benefit, small and local government pension schemes.

Read minutes of the previous Investment Governance Group meetings.

Read the six principles for investment governance of work-based defined contribution (DC) pension schemes, covering initiation, set-up and design, ongoing monitoring, reviewing and communications to members of trust-based and contract-based schemes.