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Automatic enrolment detailed guidance

Aimed at professional advisers, large employers with in-house pensions expertise and those with a sound knowledge of pensions, our guidance provides detailed help with implementing the new employer duties.

Regulatory guidance

Guidance to help improve understanding of workplace pension schemes and to promote good practice.

Codes of practice

Practical guidelines on how to follow the legal requirements of workplace pensions regulation.

Code-related guidance

Guidance to be read alongside a code of practice.


We welcome responses from industry to our recently issued consultations.


We often issue a policy statement where we feel an area of regulation needs clarifying or prioritising.

Research and analysis

Pension schemes data, research reports and surveys.

Strategy and policy

Strategy and policy documents relating to how we regulate DB, DC and public service pension schemes, automatic enrolment and employee safeguards.

Corporate information

Read our corporate plans, annual reports, board information, contracts register, spend over £25,000, memoranda of understanding, environmental data and Welsh language scheme.

Enforcement activity

Find enforcement bulletins, regulatory intervention reports, determination notices and prohibited trustees.

You can request our pages and documents in braille, audio CD, large print format or other languages by following the steps below:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Add the web address (URL) of the page the content is on.
  3. Include the type of format you need (eg braille, audio CD or large print).
  4. Include your name and email address.

You can reproduce the text in any of these publications, as long as you quote the name and title of the publication. And you can reproduce the text on this website, as long as you identify our website as the source of the material.

Some of our documents are published in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF (Portable Document Format) files across all major computing platforms, this can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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