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Key points

  • There's more you can do to help your workers understand automatic enrolment into a workplace pension than simply providing them with the written communication required by law.
  • As the employer, you're an important and effective channel of communication for your staff throughout the automatic enrolment process. The information you present to them can have a real impact.
  • A range of key messages across a number of channels works best - keep them short and simple.

Key messages to communicate to your staff

  • The message about employer and government contributions gains attention, as do facts and figures. Read the Department for Work and Pension's key messages.
  • Messages around why saving for retirement is important can help engage staff with the subject of workplace pensions.
  • Staff appreciate an explanation of what automatic enrolment means for them. For example, information about how much they'll contribute and when.
  • Details of where staff can find out more, either in your organisation or in the workplace and personal pensions information on GOV.UK are helpful.

There are a number of ways you can communicate these messages. A few examples are below.

Online articles

Intranet or newsletter articles can be used at various times. Use any or all of the text in the examples, keep them short, and explain where to find out more. Read news in brief (RTF, 11.5kb, 1 page) for suggestions on what to put on your intranet or in a newsletter. You can find more comprehensive content in the intranet article (RTF, 204kb, 2 pages) or newsletter article (RTF, 29.2kb, 2 pages).

Text or email

Text messages or emails are quick ways of letting staff know when automatic enrolment is happening in your organisation. Read the suggestions for text and email alerts (RTF, 38kb, 1 page). If you use email, there is a risk that the server may file it into the ‘junk email’ folder, so we don’t recommend you rely solely on email as a method of communication.


Posters help raise awareness of automatic enrolment - download the poster template (Word, 1.87mb, 1 page), which allows you to include your own information too.

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You’re required by law to write to all staff (except those aged under 16, or 75 and over) about what automatic enrolment into a workplace pension means for them.

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