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Find a scheme yourself

You can find a good quality scheme yourself in a number of ways, which includes looking at independently reviewed master trust schemes, the government's scheme and those listed by industry bodies. If you need more help with what to consider and information on the options available to you, see our guide to selecting a pension scheme:

Schemes with master trust assurance

The trustees of some master trusts have had their pension schemes independently reviewed to help them demonstrate that they meet certain standards of administration and governance. This review is known as the ‘master trust assurance framework’, which was developed by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) in association with the regulator.

You may be able to use the following schemes which have master trust assurance and which have said they are open to small employers looking for a scheme provider for automatic enrolment:

The People’s Pension              NOW: Pensions

Other schemes have master trust assurance but may not be open to all employers. View the full list of schemes that have master trust assurance.

Government scheme

National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is a pension scheme provider that has been established by the government and is obliged to accept all employers that apply to join it.

Schemes listed by industry bodies

You can find lists of scheme providers on the following websites:

Please note that there are many other pension schemes available that aren’t listed here. There may also be other ways for them to demonstrate to employers that their scheme is well run. The regulator takes no responsibility for checking that schemes' claims are accurate.

The regulator cannot recommend, nor does it endorse, any particular pension scheme. Inclusion of a scheme here does not guarantee its suitability. This web page is provided for information and guidance only.

Who can help you find a scheme?

You could speak to a financial adviser about finding a scheme. The following private sector organisations may be able to assist you with finding a financial adviser. Please note that these organisations are not endorsed by government and the links to their websites are provided for information only:

If you have an accountant or employee benefit consultant, they may be able to help you find a scheme or an adviser than can help.

What to consider when finding a scheme

You should carefully consider which scheme is a suitable scheme for you and your staff. Areas you should look at include:

  • whether the scheme can be used for automatic enrolment and will accept all your eligible staff
  • whether the scheme is compatible with your payroll software - ask your payroll software provider for help with this
  • whether the scheme will write to your staff on your behalf to tell them about automatic enrolment
  • whether the scheme will assess your staff for automatic enrolment - if not, ask your payroll software provider if they can do this
  • the costs and charges for you and your staff

For more guidance on what to consider and information on the options available to you, use our quick guide to selecting a pension scheme:

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