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Step 3 Work out who you need to put into a pension scheme

You must do this at your staging date

On your staging date, you must work out how much your personal care assistant earns and how old they are. This will identify what you need to do and is known as 'assessing your staff’. You should use this information in order to complete your declaration of compliance.

1. Assessing your staff

Gross Earnings Age 16 - 21 Age 22 - SPA* Age SPA* - 74
Over £833 a month
(Over £192 a week)
Type 2 Type 1 Type 2
£833 a month or less
(£192 a week or less)
Type 2 Type 2 Type 2

*State Pension Age. If you are unsure what this is use the State Pension Calculator to find out.

Other things to consider

Employing someone on variable hours, contracts and pay

If you employ someone whose hours vary, pay fluctuates, are seasonal or are on short-term / temporary contracts then the legal duties will apply to you.

More information is available to help you when assessing:


You can delay ‘assessing your staff’ for some or all of your staff for up to three months. This is known as ‘postponement’.

Postponement does not mean that you are changing your staging date but simply changing the day you assess your personal care assistants' age and earnings. This could be useful if you have anyone that falls into the following categories:

• people on a temporary contract

• earnings fluctuate on a month by month basis

If you use postponement you must write to your personal care assistant to tell them what you are doing.

Find out if postponement is right for you.


2. Put your personal care assistant into a pension

What do you need to do?

Having worked out what you need to do for your personal care assistant, it is now time to put them into a pension scheme.

You will need to give your pension scheme provider all the information that they need to initially set up your personal care assistant in the pension scheme.

Each time you pay them you will need to work out how much you both need to pay in and arrange for this to happen. Your pension scheme or an adviser may be able to help with this.

For full details contact your pension scheme provider.

Making contributions

Each time you pay your staff you will need to make contributions to their pension scheme. Find out more about making contributions to your pension scheme.

You must work out how much you both need to pay in and arrange for this to happen. For full details contact your pension scheme provider.

To do list:

  • Work out what you need to do for your personal care assistant
  • Send the details of anyone who is being put into a pension scheme to your pension provider promptly
  • Start paying contributions into your pension scheme

What's next?

Now that you've put your personal care assistant in a pension scheme, you need to write to them to let them know.

Your staging date

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Which type?

Easily work out which 'type' each member of staff falls into.

All you need to know is each member of staff’s gender, age and earnings.


Age on your staging date

Gross earnings


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This staff member is classified as .