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Step 1 Confirm who to contact

This step should take around 5 minutes.

We will be in touch with you over the coming months as your staging date approaches.

Employer contact and additional contact

The ‘employer contact’ must be the person who employs someone in their home. They will be the person who is ultimately responsible for making sure automatic enrolment legal duties are met. We will send this person regular letters with information to keep them up to date with the tasks they need to complete and by when.

If you haven’t already done so, you should now confirm who the ‘employer contact’ is.

If someone else is helping with the tasks (such as an accountant, a financial adviser or a family member), you should provide their details, including their email address, as the ‘additional contact’. We will then send them a series of emails to give additional help and guidance with the tasks. If no ‘additional contact’ information is provided, these emails will be sent to the ‘employer contact’.

Please do not name the person helping with the tasks as the ‘employer contact’.

If you have previously provided your ‘employer contact’ and ‘additional contact’ information and something has changed since then, you can also use this form to update your contact details.

Nominate a contact

Your staging date

Use our Duties Checker to confirm your staging date and declaration deadline.

Duties Checker