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Step 1 Check that you don't have staff to put into a pension scheme

You must do this on your duties start date.

Assessing your staff

You must work out how much each member of staff earns and how old they are on your duties start date. This will identify what you need to do and is known as 'assessing your staff'. You should use this information in order to complete your declaration of compliance.

Staff will fall into one of two categories:
Gross Earnings Age 16 - 21 Age 22 - SPA* Age SPA* - 74
Over £833 a month
(Over £192 a week)
Type 2 Type 1 Type 2
£833 a month or less
(£192 a week or less)
Type 2 Type 2 Type 2

*State Pension Age. If you are unsure what this is use the State Pension Calculator to find out.

I don’t have staff who need to be put into a pension scheme now

You must continue to monitor your member of staff’s age and earnings each time you pay them in case you need to put them into a pension scheme in the future.

If you don’t have any staff who must be put into a pension scheme from your duties start date, continue to the next step as you still have other legal duties to carry out.

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Which type?

Easily work out which 'type' each member of staff falls into.

All you need to know is each member of staff's gender, age and earnings.


Age on your duties start date

Gross earnings


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This staff member is classified as .