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Employer non-compliant, subject to further action (EPN paid)

1 October to 30 December 2017

Employer name City / town Amount paid
PW Planning Systems Ltd Doncaster £5,000.00
Light Fantastic (Orkney) Ltd Kirkwall £24,500.00
Backpackers Lodge Mallaig £5,000.00
Verge London £1,400.00

Unpaid EPNs subject to a Court Order

1 October to 30 December 2017

Employer name City / town Amount paid
Paxton Clark Ltd Basingtoke £500.00
Borders Hotel Ltd Melrose £52,500.00
O'hara Wood Ltd Bath £1,400.00
Food Inc Colchester Ltd Colchester £1,500.00
Tomasulo Construction Ltd Newport £700.00
Pathhead Equestrian Centre Angus £5,000.00
New Kyng Ltd London £14,000.00
Tay Letting Ltd Glasgow £5,000.00
606 Dental Surgery Solihul £14,000.00
PHE Services (Northwest) Ltd Manchester £2,000.00
Ben Nevis Takeaway Fort William £5,000.00
Walker Adamson and Co Ltd Bolton £2,000.00
Southwest Event Security Ltd Plymouth £35,000.00
Cafe India Nairn £5,000.00
The Ambassador Brighton Brighton £500.00
Stanton Pace Ltd London £1,000.00
Quality Assured Ltd - Bali Bali Indonesian Restaurant London £1,500.00
Wigs and Warpaint Sheffield £11,000.00
Business and Property Bureau Ltd Glasgow £1,500.00
Tees Surveyors Estate Agents Middlesborough £1,400.00
Messrs Guard D'Oyly and Co Stratford-upon-Avon £2,500.00
The Tavy Club Tavistock £5,000.00
WB Fake and Son Ltd Pentney £5,000.00
Fresh Cleaning Services Ltd Brighton £4,500.00
Hunsdon Marble Bishop's Stortford £2,500.00
Binfield Road Surgery London £7,500.00
Farmhouse Bakery Halesworth £2,000.00
Capita Security Ltd Northampton £9,500.00
Emile Abi-Akar T/A Emile De-Londres Beaconsfield £2,000.00

Chair's statement fines – failing to produce

1 October to 31 December 2017

Scheme Professional trustee Amount
Creative Conceptions Pension Scheme   £500.40
Dorma Door Control Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £501.60
East India 2006 Retirement Benefit Scheme Barnett Waddingham Trustees (1980) Ltd £2,000.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred Northern Europe GMBH Pension Plan: M80238   £502.00
Royal College Of Surgeons Of Edinburgh Pension Scheme   £528.40
Tyco Electronics UK Pension Plan   £500.50
BTU (Europe) Ltd Pension Plan: PNF1020   £502.80
TP Hopwell ( Holdings ) Ltd Retirement Savings Scheme   £547.10
John Heathcoat Pension Scheme   £507.70
BC Electrical Techniques Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.90
Bushido Capital Ltd Pension Scheme   £500.40
Chapter House Ltd Vip Pension Scheme   £500.20
Davy And Co Ltd Retirement Savings Scheme   £509.30
Dukes Transport (Craigavon) Ltd 1978: 012090   £500.40
Forest Laboratories UK Ltd Pension Scheme Entrust Pension Ltd £1,500.00
Gdynia America Shipping Lines (London) Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £501.10
Metsa Tissue Ltd Executive Pension Plan   £501.10
Mount Packaging Systems Ltd 1999 Company Pension Scheme: CIMP1079i   £500.00
Swift and Whitmore Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.70
The Chap (Holdings) Ltd Money Purchase Pension Scheme: Q1220   £502.30
Workman Facilities Management Ltd Pension Scheme   £501.80
Aberdeen And Grampian Chamber Of Commerce Pension Scheme (1998)   £502.50
Joe Allen Restaurants Ltd Company Pension Plan: U484455   £504.70
R And AS Craggs Retirement Benefit Scheme: 4179413J001/4179421J001   £500.20
Close Credit Management Ltd Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme: E31877   £500.60
Close Credit Management Ltd Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme: E31877   £501.20
Hoerbiger UK 1988 Ltd Pension Scheme   £504.20
Mckinsey and Company Inc Profit-Sharing Retirement Plan Article 14 - Exempt Approved Plan   £500.00
Redpath Tyres Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £501.70
Redpath Tyres Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £503.40
The Lloyd Northover Retirement Benefits Scheme: 710758   £502.60
Walter Gray Staff Pension Scheme: 4343   £502.50
Deacon and Son (Swindon) Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.20
MEPC Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £503.40
Miller Executive Pension Scheme The Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation £2,000.00
White Mountain Civils Ltd   £501.30
White Mountain Civils Ltd   £502.60
Whittles Staff Pension Scheme (1989)   £501.40

Chair's statement fines – not compliant

1 October to 30 December 2017

Scheme name Professional trustee Amount
Ethika Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme Barclay Cavendish Ltd £2,000

Until 30 September 2017

Scheme name Professional trustee Amount
My Workplace Pension Scheme Workplace Pension Trustees Ltd £2,000
The United Members Pension Trust £500.20
The Dunnes Stores (Bangor) Ltd Management Pension Scheme £539.90
Vedius Pension Trust Lindsay Burrett, Mark Fuller £2,000
The Nurture Master Trust MC Trustees Ltd £2,000

Scheme return fine – failing to submit to us on time

1 October to 31 December 2017

No fines were issued during this period.

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