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FOI reference - FOI 2011-06-29
Date - 29/06/2011


A copy of the Trustee Register detailing a list of approved trustees.

We are undertaking pension reviews for a number of pension schemes who would require the services of appropriate trustees. 

Could you kindly advise the timescale that are required for such requests to be actioned.


Further to your request, please find attached a copy of the Trustee Register, current at today's date.  


Duty to provide advice and assistance:


The purpose of the Trustee Register is for the regulator to appoint independent trustees to schemes, under section 23 of the Pensions Act 1995. In addition, although it is not required to do so, the regulator will usually consider appointing a trustee from the Trustee Register when making certain appointments under section 7 of the Pensions Act 1995.

Acceptance of a trustee on to the Trustee Register does not represent an endorsement or approval by the regulator to any of the services provided by any trustee on it. The regulator does not treat the trustees on the Trustee Register any differently from other trustees.  However, the regulator does review the performance of any trustees which the regulator appoints to schemes from the Trustee Register against the level of services agreed as part of this appointment. The regulator will not carry out any such review where trustees on the Trustee Register were not appointed to a scheme by the regulator. The regulator accepts no liability in respect of any appointment of a trustee from the Trustee Register.

The regulator has consulted on changes to the way in which we assess some of the conditions for acceptance onto the Trustee Register. Following the regulator's consultation response (published in May 2010), we have undertaken a review of all the trustees on our Trustee Register and the number of trustees on it has reduced. This review of those trustees has not yet been completed. The number of trustees on it may well reduce again. You will appreciate that due to confidentiality reasons (both legislative and otherwise), it would be unlikely that we could answer specific questions about our review.