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FOI reference - FOI 2016-10-12
Date - 12/10/2016


Since April 2010 the Employment Tribunal has had the option to copy ET1 claim forms under the Public Interest Disclosure Act to the relevant regulators (prescribed persons).

Please advise since April 2010:

  1. How many ET1 claim forms (or excerpts and information related to the claims) for whistleblowing detriment under the Public Interest Disclosure Act has The Pensions Regulator received from the Employment Tribunal?
  2. Please advise if The Pensions Regulator holds data on the action it took in response to these notifications by the Employment Tribunal.
  3. Please give a breakdown of the number of ET1 claim forms (or excerpts and information related to the claims) received by each financial year.
  4. Please give a list of the bodies to which these PIDA claims relate, and the number and (if practicable) the nature of ET1s received about each organisation, broken down by financial year.
  5. Has The Pensions Regulator undertaken any analysis of the ET1 intelligence that it has received from Employment Tribunals since April 2010? If so, please disclose all reports and or correspondence that give the details and results of the analysis / analyses.


Following a search of our paper and electronic records, I can confirm that we have not received any ET1 claim forms, excerpts from ET1 claim forms or information related to claims for whistleblowing purposes. Therefore we have established that we do not hold the information you have requested.