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FOI reference - FOI 2015-02-02(a)
Date - 02/02/2015


I am hoping you will be able to help me to find the documents that explain how HMIC is regulated / audited and to find any recent regulation or audit reports of HMIC.

In addition, are you able to tell me please if the PR has a Quality Assurance or Quality Mangement system for itself? If yes, are there any publicly available any documents on this?

I wrote to you on 20 January 2015 to ask for clarification of the term HMIC. You confirmed on the same date that by HMIC you were referring to the regulator.


Duty to confirm or deny whether the regulator holds the information requested

I can confirm that the regulator holds information falling within the scope of your request.

Information we are able to supply

The regulator is an arm’s length body of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The DWP have published the findings of their Triennial Review of (amongst other organisations) the regulator, on their website:

I draw your attention specifically to pages 4-25 of the document ‘Triennial Review of Pensions Bodies – Stage 2: Principles of Corporate Governance’.

Further information relating to your request can be found in the ‘Framework document between The Pensions Regulator and Department for Work and Pensions’. This document is currently under review and in the process of being updated:

The regulator’s 'Standing orders governing board procedures' set out the Board's framework and contain the regulator’s Audit and Risk Assurance committee’s terms of reference at appendix B (pages 8-10) which you can access through the following link:

You might find the regulator’s published ‘Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014’ also of value, specifically the Accountability Reports (pages 72-78):

Similarly, our ‘Corporate Plan 2014-2017’ may contain information of value to you, for example the sections on our Key Performance Indicators and our risk appetite statement (pages 46-59):

I can confirm that the regulator’s governance includes both Internal Audit and External Audit. It does not have a Quality Assurance or Quality Management system for itself as such.