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FOI reference - FOI 2016-03-04
Date - 04/03/2016


  1. How many employers have already automatically enrolled?
  2. How many employers there are left to automatically enrol by 1 February 2018?


Duty to confirm or deny whether TPR holds the information requested

I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested.

Information we are able to supply

The total number of employers who have already enrolled up to the end of January 2016 is 87,544.

We update these figures on a monthly basis and then publish them in our declaration of compliance monthly report.

We have set out our most recent forecast of employers that may have duties between now and February 2018 in the automatic enrolment: commentary and analysis 2015 report (pages 33 to 35).

Currently, the number of employers on our records that are left to enrol is just under 1.7 million. However, this would be expected to change as a result of the following factors:

  • some of these employers may cease to trade in the period up to 1 February 2018
  • new employers will start up over the period
  • a number of the existing, and the potential new employers, will be single person directors who will not have any automatic enrolment duties