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FOI reference - FOI 2015-09-23(b)
Date - 23/09/2015


Please can you let me know how many of the automatic enrolment investigations to date have identified breaches. Please could you also let me know how many automatic enrolment investigations there have been?


Duty to confirm or deny whether TPR holds the information requested

I can confirm that The Pensions Regulator (TPR) holds the information you have requested. However, we only hold this information up to June 2015 as we are currently still collating the information for July through to the date of your request. If you would like to be sent the data from July through to September once it has been collated please let me know.

Information we are able to supply

  • To the end of June 2015, 2,469 automatic enrolment investigations had identified breaches.
  • To the end of June 2015, there have been 3,303 automatic enrolment investigations.

The above figures exclude cases arising from notifications of missing or late pension scheme contributions.

Please note that in some instances, breaches are identified by TPR but because of their minor technical nature, employer circumstances (eg insolvency), or evidence of rectification by the employer, they are not pursued through investigations. These have been excluded from the total of investigations where breaches have been identified.

Duty to provide advice and assistance

I am mindful of the duty to provide advice and assistance to requesters, as far as it is reasonably practicable to do so.

You may find our research and analysis publications on automatic enrolment of value. They can be found on our website at: research and analysis.