FOI Reference Date Regarding  
FOI 2014-10-31 31/10/2014 Employers that postponed their automatic enrolment duties View
FOI 2014-10-31 31/10/2014 Barrister fees paid by The Pensions Regulator View
FOI 2014-10-17 17/10/2014 Staff members who receive remuneration in excess of £100,000 View
FOI 2014-09-26 26/09/2014 Clearance statements 2009 to 2013 View
FOI 2014-09-23 23/09/2014 Revised recovery plans submitted 2009-2011 View
FOI 2014-09-19 19/09/2014 Pension schemes that triggered wind up before 6 April 2005 View
FOI 2014-09-11 11/09/2014 Automatic enrolment non-compliance since October 2012 View
FOI 2014-09-05 05/09/2014 Pension scheme recovery plans View
FOI 2014-08-28 28/08/2014 Avoidance investigations expenditure View
FOI 2014-08-28 28/08/2014 Audit of software use in the regulator View
FOI 2014-08-26 26/08/2014 Pest control spend View
FOI 2014-08-21 21/08/2014 Synopsis of automatic enrolment View
FOI 2014-08-01 01/08/2014 Automatic enrolment non-compliance October 2012 to July 2014 View
FOI 2014-07-01 01/07/2014 Senior information risk owner contact details View
FOI 2014-06-27 27/06/2014 Evidence of pension liberation plans View
FOI 2014-06-24 24/06/2014 UK defined benefit pension schemes View
FOI 2014-06-20 20/06/2014 Copy of the trustee register as of 20 June 2014 View
FOI 2014-06-10 10/06/2014 Organisational structure for IT department View
FOI 2014-05-22 22/05/2014 Recruitment agencies that reached their staging date 1 October 2012 - 30 April 2014 View
FOI 2014-05-22 22/05/2014 Confirmation that a scheme is currently registered with the regulator View
FOI 2014-05-19 19/05/2014 Pension liberation plans View
FOI 2014-05-13 13/05/2014 Ark Pension Schemes Compulsory Review Final Notice View
FOI 2014-04-07 07/04/2014 Automatic enrolment declaration of compliance (registration) View
FOI 2014-03-25 25/03/2014 Automatic enrolment compliance broken down by year View
FOI 2014-03-14 14/03/2014 Employers' automatic enrolment staging dates in Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire View
FOI 2014-03-14 14/03/2014 Cases relating to pension liberation schemes View
FOI 2014-03-12 12/03/2014 Late payment of scheme contributions View
FOI 2014-03-12 12/03/2014 Compliance notices issued between 1 September 2012 and 11 March 2014 View
FOI 2014-03-12 12/03/2014 Automatic enrolment penalty notices View
FOI 2014-02-13 13/02/2014 Average time taken to complete investigations into abandonment allegations View
FOI 2014-02-10 10/02/2014 Notices issued regarding failure to comply with automatic enrolment duties View
FOI 2014-02-06(c) 06/02/2014 Legal cases relating to pension liberation fraud View
FOI 2014-02-06(b) 06/02/2014 Financial Support Directions View
FOI 2014-02-06(a) 06/02/2014 Automatic enrolment compliance View
FOI 2014-02-04 04/02/2014 Information relating to failure to comply with automatic enrolment duties View
FOI 2013-11-05 05/11/2013 A list of employers already written to within the Bucks, Beds, Northants and Herts areas View
FOI 2013-11-04 04/11/2013 Trustees who are able to administer Sipps on behalf of clients View
FOI 2013-09-22 22/09/2013 Pension liberation activities View
FOI 2013-08-20 20/08/2013 Information relating to the publication of determination notices (2) View
FOI 2013-08-19 19/08/2013 Information relating to the publication of determination notices (1) View
FOI 2013-08-08 08/08/2013 External barrister fees incurred by the regulator on all legal cases since 22 February 2012 View
FOI 2013-07-29 29/07/2013 Information relating to money paid to trade unions by the regulator View
FOI 2013-07-24 24/07/2013 List of schemes the regulator consider suspicious in relation to pension liberation View
FOI 2013-07-17 17/07/2013 Notices issued regarding failure to comply with automatic enrolment duties View
FOI 2013-07-11 11/07/2013 Information regarding the regulator's IT arrangements View
FOI 2013-06-25 25/06/2013 Percentage of employees automatically enrolled with breakdown by sector / salary View
FOI 2013-06-20 20/06/2013 Copy of the trustee register as of 20 June 2013 View
FOI 2013-05-31 31/05/2013 FSDs issued by the regulator and how those have been spread per year View
FOI 2013-05-24 24/05/2013 Outsourcing of facilities services View
FOI 2013-04-20 20/04/2013 Total expenditure on SSL certificates 2012-13 View
FOI 2013-04-12 12/04/2013 Number of contribution notices and financial support directions View
FOI 2013-04-02 02/04/2013 Role of the prescribed persons under Part IVA of the Employment Rights Act 1996 View
FOI 2013-03-20 20/03/2013 Businesses and employees affected by automatic enrolment starting 1 April 2013 View
FOI 2013-01-31 31/01/2013 Facilities services and procurement process View
FOI 2013-01-30 30/01/2013 Automatic Enrolment staging dates and deferment View
FOI 2012-12-06 06/12/2012 List of all the pensions held on the registrar of occupational and personal pension schemes View
FOI 2012-11-01 01/11/2012 Commissioning an external organisation to undertake surveillance View
FOI 2012-10-26 26/10/2012 Information regarding the number of automatic enrolment enquiries received 26 October 2012 View
FOI 2012-10-19 19/10/2012 Private sector employers who offer final salary pension schemes to new employees View
FOI 2012-10-05 05/10/2012 Number and names of employers assigned each staging date View
FOI 2012-09-11 11/09/2012 Pensioners in a pension scheme that have died within past six months View
FOI 2012-08-29 29/08/2012 Information about investigations regarding early pension release offers View
FOI 2012-08-09 09/08/2012 A copy of the trustee register as at 1 July 2007, 2008 and 2009 View
FOI 2012-07-31 31/07/2012 Details of incidents when the Data Protection Act has been breached View
FOI 2012-07-30 30/07/2012 Remuneration arrangements of any of the regulator's employees or consultants View
FOI 2012-07-27 27/07/2012 Information regarding the number of automatic enrolment enquiries received View
FOI 2012-07-20 20/07/2012 Information about the companies which have registered for automatic enrolment View
FOI 2012-07-19 19/07/2012 Information regarding money / staff time spent on trade unions View
FOI 2012-06-26 26/06/2012 Information regarding the regulator's contact centres View
FOI 2012-06-11 11/06/2012 Information about the Regulator's IT network infrastructure View
FOI 2012-06-02 02/06/2012 Staffing and information & communication technology at the regulator View
FOI 2012-05-22 22/05/2012 Preferred supplier list / framework agreement for the supply of contingent labour View
FOI 2012-03-27 27/03/2012 The regulator's use RIPA and RIPSA View
FOI 2012-03-23 23/03/2012 Contract awarded to Capita Hartshead for expert services framework View
FOI 2012-03-23 23/03/2012 Contract awarded to Capita Hartshead for administration and governance services framework View
FOI 2012-02-22 22/02/2012 Breakdown and total of external barrister fees View
FOI 2012-02-20 20/02/2012 The regulator's use of RIPA and RIPSA 2000 View
FOI 2012-02-14 14/02/2012 People paid via a personal services contract View
FOI 2012-01-18 18/01/2012 Information regarding the Senior Information Risk Owner for the regulator View
FOI 2011-12-13 13/12/2011 Information on the aggregate liability structure on the UK DB pensions market View
FOI 2011-12-06 06/12/2011 The regulator's terms & conditions policy on third party sites linking in to PDFs held on our website View
FOI 2011-12-02 02/12/2011 Number and names of providers of multiple non-associated employer schemes View
FOI 2011-12-02 02/12/2011 Items lost, stolen, misplaced by the regulator's staff View
FOI 2011-11-30 30/11/2011 Expenditure and assessment of the Welsh Language Scheme View
FOI 2011-11-22 22/11/2011 Information about The Pensions Regulator's whistle blowing policies View
FOI 2011-10-27 27/10/2011 An overview of the total spend on ICT within the regulator View
FOI 2011-09-30 30/09/2011 Representations made to BAS regarding Sir Derek Wanless appointment View
FOI 2011-08-30 30/08/2011 Statistics on the Trustee toolkit's usage, take up, weekly take up, completed courses etc View
FOI 2011-08-24 24/08/2011 Statements for government procurement cards used by the regulator View
FOI 2011-08-02 02/08/2011 Total paid to trade unions and amount of staff time spent on trade union activities View
FOI 2011-08-02 02/08/2011 Information regarding diversity and employment at the Regulator for the last twelve months View
FOI 2011-06-29 29/06/2011 A copy of the Trustee Register as at 2 June 2011 View
FOI 2011-06-24 24/06/2011 A copy of the Trustee Register as at 1 March 2010 View
FOI 2011-06-14 14/06/2011 Transactions made using payment cards issued to staff by the regulator View
FOI 2011-05-20 20/05/2011 The number of ET1s the regulator has received since 1 April 2010 View
FOI 2011-05-06 06/05/2011 A copy of the draft Code of Practice - Funding Defined Benefits published on 22 March 2005 View
FOI 2011-04-20 20/04/2011 Copy of the stakeholder register View
FOI 2011-04-18 18/04/2011 Details of any breaches relating to Croydon Council Pension Fund View
FOI 2011-03-11 11/03/2011 Proportion of schemes which failed to agree funding within statutory deadline View
FOI 2011-02-22 22/02/2011 A list of Stakeholder Pensions Scheme providers View
FOI 2011-02-21 21/02/2011 Information regarding defined benefit pension plans. View
FOI 2011-02-14 14/02/2011 Number of Trustees signed up to the Trustee Toolkit View
FOI 2010-11-30 30/11/2010 Companies awarded contracts for pension schemes administration and governance View
FOI 2010-11-18 18/11/2010 A list of pension schemes with a crown guarantee View
FOI 2010-10-27 27/10/2010 Information regarding the print management strategy View
FOI 2010-10-18 18/10/2010 IT contracts with a lifespan value of 10 million pounds View
FOI 2010-10-04 04/10/2010 Expenditure on market research agencies in each of the last 3 years View
FOI 2010-08-02 02/08/2010 The ECR Propositions Development and Research contract View
FOI 2010-06-22 22/06/2010 Corporate Memberships View
FOI 2010-05-25 25/05/2010 Amount of money paid to Trade Unions by Regulator View
FOI 2010-05-11 11/05/2010 Copy of the Pensions Regulator's retention schedule and records management policy View
FOI 2010-05-06 06/05/2010 Pensions paid to Pensions Regulator's staff View
FOI 2010-04-21 21/04/2010 Use of Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) View
FOI 2010-04-08 08/04/2010 Gender specific list of staff earning between 100,000 pa and 200,000 pa View
FOI 2010-04-06 06/04/2010 Salary of Chairman, Chief Executive, accommodation and office costs, consultancy fees View

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