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Automatic enrolment

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Automatic enrolment has begun. This means that employers will need to automatically enrol certain workers into a pension scheme and make contributions towards it. Check whether automatic enrolment affects you.

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Pension scams

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Pension scams are on the increase in the UK. Scammers will try to entice you with a ‘free pension review’, ‘one-off investment opportunity’ or ‘legal loophole’.

If you’re under age 55, you cannot release your pension unless you are in ill health. If you are over 55, you can release funds from your pension from April 2015. You may still be at risk from scammers.

Never be rushed into making a decision. Arm yourself with the facts and stop a lifetime’s savings being lost.

Whistleblowing and other concerns

If you suspect malpractice in your work-based pension scheme, or have significant concerns about how it is being run, you can report this to us.

Pension Wise

The Government has launched a new service, called Pension Wise, a free and impartial service that helps you understand your pension options:

Complaints, advice, planning and tax

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