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Know your clients' staging dates

Your client's staging date is the date when the new duties come into force for your clients who employ one or more staff. It’s the date from when automatic enrolment activities must become ‘business as usual’, just like real-time Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

    Understand your client's workforce

    Whatever your level of involvement in automatic enrolment is, you'll need to understand the different types of worker and what defines them, as well as the corresponding employer duties for each type of worker.

      Business software systems and processes

      Many of the functions necessary to comply with automatic enrolment duties are process-driven.

        Pension schemes

        Your clients may ask you to assist in a number of ways in relation to the pension scheme they are proposing to use for automatic enrolment.

          Communicating the changes to workers

          There is a range of information that employers are required to provide to their workers.

            Help your clients avoid penalties

            Responsibility for complying with the duties ultimately lies with the employer. But if you're an adviser, there are third party compliance obligations which you must be aware of when carrying out these activities on behalf of your clients.

              Complete your declaration of compliance (registration) with The Pensions Regulator

              All employers are required to complete a declaration of compliance with us to tell us what they have done to comply with their automatic enrolment duties.

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