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Not sure where to start?

  • What is automatic enrolment and what will my clients need to do?

    Our research tells us that at least 78% of small businesses will be relying on their business adviser for help. We send all employers an essential guide to help them get started. This guide will help you understand the basics before they come to you.

    View the essential guide to automatic enrolment.

  • How do I help my clients prepare?

    The first thing you'll need to know to help your clients prepare is their staging date. When you know this you can help your clients understand what they need to do and by when.

    Find out your clients' staging dates.

  • Help your clients comply with their duties

    You can help your clients comply with their duties by understanding the changes to workplace pensions law.

    Help your clients comply with their duties.

Find out your clients' staging dates

Your clients staging date is set in law and is the date their automatic enrolment duties come into effect. They must be prepared for this date.

Understand and inform your clients' workforce

To help automatically enrol your clients workforce you’ll need to understand the type of workforce they have and what communications will need to be sent to them.

Help your clients comply with their duties

You can help your clients avoid penalties by understanding how they must comply with their employer duties.

Help your clients set up business software systems

Many of the functions necessary to comply with automatic enrolment duties are process-driven.

Assist your clients with their workplace pension schemes

Your clients may ask you to help them with the pension schemes they plan to use for automatic enrolment.

Complete the declaration on behalf of your clients

You can complete the automatic enrolment declaration of compliance (registration) on behalf of your clients.

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