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Understanding your role

Your duties are wide-ranging - from the collection of contributions to the investment of assets and payment of benefits. Scheme members look to you to make sure that their pension benefits are secure.

Managing DB benefits

The areas of defined benefit (DB) scheme management key to ensuring a well-run and well-funded scheme.

Managing a scheme with mixed benefits

If you run a scheme that offers mixed benefits (sometimes known as a 'hybrid scheme') you need to manage the defined benefit (DB) elements as if they were a DB scheme and manage the defined contribution (DC) elements as if they were a DC scheme.

Reporting requirements

You can fulfill your reporting requirements using our online service Exchange. It allows you to share information about your work-based pension scheme with us.

Automatic enrolment and the role of trustees

The introduction of automatic enrolment means that all UK employers will have to provide their workers with access to a pension scheme.

Independent trustee register

Find out about our Independent Trustee Register and what you need to do to join it.