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Key points

  • Find detailed information on pension scams, including a checklist to help you identify them, in our action pack.
  • Use the scorpion leaflet and booklet to make members stay alert and help protect themselves from pension scams.
  • Direct members to Action Fraud if you suspect a pension scam, or TPAS for further advice.
  • If a member insists on proceeding you should alert Action Fraud yourself.

Action pack

Our pension scams action pack provides trustees with guidance on how to proactively educate their members about pension scams and a checklist to help spot them.

Leaflet for members

We're asking all trustees to include our pension scams scorpion leaflet in their annual benefit statements and when issuing transfer packs to members.

If you currently issue annual statements and transfer packs via third parties, you should consider if they should now be sent direct to members.

Download a Welsh version of the pension scams leaflet.

Booklet for members

We're calling on trustees to ensure that members receive regular and clear information about the risk of pension scams.

Members should receive regular information on how to spot pension scams, for instance with their annual pension statement. You could include the scorpion booklet in any member communications or link to it from your scheme or employer websites:

Download a Welsh version of the pension scams booklet.


Posters can help raise awareness of pension scams, please download and display our poster:

Next steps if you have concerns

Contact the pension scheme member to establish whether they understand the type of scheme they’ll be transferring to and send them the pension scams scorpion booklet.

Speak to the member at risk – over the phone, via email or letter. It could help you establish answers to more of the questions in the checklist in the pension scams action pack, where you’ve been unable to answer them with the information you have available.

Direct the member to Action Fraud if you think it’s a pension scam, or the Pensions Advisory Service who can help them understand the potential tax consequences of the transfer if any part of the arrangement is deemed as unauthorised.

If the member insists on proceeding with their transfer request, and your concerns remain, then you should alert Action Fraud yourself. There could still be time to protect this member, or others who follow in their footsteps.

Help protect members

The pensions landscape is changing significantly, and the Government has set up a new service called Pension Wise to help members approaching retirement or age 55.

Encourage your members to understand their options by visiting Pension Wise.

If someone claims to be a financial or pension adviser then members can check with the FCA to make sure they are authorised. The FCA also regulates those responsible for operating SIPPs, personal and contract-based stakeholder pension schemes. If you are concerned that a member of your scheme may have been targeted by a scam, then you can check whether the receiving pension provider is authorised by the FCA.

To perform these checks go to the FCA register.

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