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How you can help protect members

1. Read and share the member scams booklet

Download and share our pension scams booklet for members pension scams booklet for members (PDF, 740.5kb, 5 pages).

2. Check the details

Download our pension scams information for pension professionals (PDF, 551.2kb, 8 pages) and check the information you have against the checklist tables on pages 4 and 5. Carry out due diligence on all transfer requests - see page 6.

3. Proactively engage with members at risk

Contact any member who you believe may be at risk to establish whether they understand the implications of their transfer and clarify any points in the checklist tables in the pension scams action pack for professionals. You may also want to direct them to Pension Wise to discuss their retirement options.

4. Direct members to The Pensions Advisory Service

Ask members to call TPAS to discuss the implications of their transfer, including tax issues.

5. Raise the alarm

Alert Action Fraud if a member insists on proceeding with a transfer that you believe may be a scam.

Trustee toolkit online learning

Go to the Trustee toolkit The case example 'Tricked into being part of a scam' in the module 'Running a scheme' will help you protect your members against pension scams. You must login or sign up to use the Trustee toolkit.

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