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Composed of high level representatives from the insurance and occupational pensions supervisory authorities of the European Union's Member States
Information on all companies registered in the UK
Responsible for developing UK pensions policy and the law governing UK pension schemes
Offers help to some people who have lost out on their pension
Regulates corporate governance and reporting
Responsible for regulation of conduct in retail, as well as wholesale, financial markets and the infrastructure that supports those markets. Also responsible for the regulation of firms that do not fall under the Prudential Regulation Authority’s scope.
Investigates a wide range of complaints relating to pensions. As a general rule they deal with complaints about businesses providing activities that are regulated by the FCA.
Provides pensions consultancy services to many UK public service schemes and to a number of funded pension schemes
Find government services and information
The Pension Tracing Service online can help people who have lost track of their pension scheme
Includes business tax information on pensions
Calculating state pension, eligibility, claiming and deferring
Automatic enrolment, lost pensions and planning for retirement
What employers have to do, automatic enrolment and stakeholder pensions
All new pension schemes must first be registered with HMRC before registering with The Pensions Regulator
The UK's economic and finance ministry
Plain English explanation of the benefits of using a pension to save for retirement and what type of pensions are available
Provides compensation to members of eligible defined benefit pension schemes where the sponsoring employer becomes insolvent and the scheme is underfunded
Provides free help and advice to people with queries about their occupational, personal or stakeholder pensions
Pensions legislation
Deals with complaints about the running of pension schemes that have not been resolved by the scheme's own complaints procedure or by the Pensions Advisory Service
A free and impartial government service that helps you understand your new pension options.
Free elearning programme providing an overview of the trustee role