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Introduction to re-enrolment for business advisers video transcript

Welcome to The Pensions Regulator’s introduction to re-enrolment for business advisers.

Every three years your client must re-enrol certain staff into their automatic enrolment pension scheme. These will be staff who opted out or left more than 12 months before the re-enrolment date, or who were in the scheme, but pay below the minimum contributions level.

Your client can choose to carry out re-enrolment on any date within a six-month window. This starts three months before the third anniversary of their original staging date and ends three months after. For example, a staging date of the 1 October 2013 would mean the employer could choose to re-enrol on any date between 1 July and 31 December 2016.

On their chosen re-enrolment date your client will need to work out which staff re-enrolment applies to and then assess them to see if they meet the age and earnings criteria to be re-enrolled. If they do meet the criteria they should be re-enrolled and the employer should start deducting contributions again straight away. Your client must also write to re-enrolled staff to tell them what’s happening, we have a template letter on our website to help them do this.

As soon as you or your client has assessed staff and re-enrolled them, a re-declaration of compliance must be completed and submitted. Employers have to do this within five calendar months of the third anniversary of their original staging date. We recommend they complete their re-declaration as soon as possible. An employer’s re-declaration is a legal requirement and failure to complete it on time means they will not have met all of their duties which could result in enforcement action including fines.

In their re-declaration they will need to tell us what their chosen re-enrolment date was even if they had no eligible members of staff to re-enrol. You can complete your client’s re-declaration on their behalf using our online declaration of compliance forms.

It’s important that your client ensures that we have their up-to-date contact details by using our nominate a contact form. You can also give us your contact details so you can receive additional information and guidance to help you continue supporting your clients.

We have more information, resources and guidance available on our website to help you with automatic enrolment.