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Data on SSAS and external administrators

FOI reference - FOI 2018-04-12(a)
Date - 12/04/2018


I would like to know how many small self-administered schemes (SSAS) are not being administered by a provider and those which do not use the services of a practitioner.

I also wanted to know how many scheme there are registered as a total, I will be able to calculate the percentage once the information has been provided.


I can confirm that we hold information falling within scope of your request.

Information we are able to supply

In order to respond to your request I have answered your two questions in reverse order.

The total number of registered defined contribution (DC) schemes at year end 2018 was 31,940.

22,070 schemes have identified themselves to us as a SSAS. Of this total, 15,860 of those schemes have listed an external administrator. There are a further 3,670 micro schemes which haven’t informed us whether they are a SSAS or not.

Duty to provide assistance

In order to assist you further, the following link may be useful in helping to find further information on the numbers of schemes and volumes of SSAS. (In relation to SSAS data please go to the bottom of the webpage, file 5, go to tab 'ssas non-ssas split'.)