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Details of G-Cloud purchases

FOI reference - FOI-3599
Date - 19 February 2019


1. Titles of all services purchased under a G-Cloud framework – between 1 Jan. 2015 and the present day – from: Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited INFOR (UNITED KINGDOM) LIMITED


2.  Audit trails for each of these purchases, including the following documents:

  • List of requirements in the search for services, including available funds, technical requirements and criteria on which choice will be based
  • A copy of the category, keywords and filters used in the search for services, and the date on which the results were extracted
  • A spreadsheet or csv of exported results, with service names, descriptions and prices
  • Records of all communications with the supplier, including early market engagement, clarification questions, emails and face to face conversations you have


In regards to Methods Business and Digital Technology limited, we have had one contract with them which was awarded on 14/07/2014 and which ran to 13/07/2016.


Technically as this contract was entered into in 2014 the contract falls outside of the scope of your request, however, given that the contractual period ran to beyond Jan.2015, I am disclosing information in relation to that contract, notwithstanding that it is out of scope.


The 2014 contract was for Client Side Assist services. I attach the documents that show the audit trail for the contract which cover point 2 of your request.


I confirm that we have not purchased services from INFOR (UNITED KINGDOM) Limited during the period referred to in your request.