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Details of TPR's anti-avoidance investigations 2018

FOI reference - FOI 2018-08-15(a)
Date - 15/08/2018


I would like to request information under the Freedom of Information Act on The Pension Regulator's anti-avoidance investigations. You published on your website two Freedom of Information (FOI) requests (request 1 and request 2) under FOI reference 2017-01-25 dated 25 January 2017. Please can you update request 1 from 25 January 2017 to the present date in relation to (1) Warning Notices (2) Contribution Notices and (3) Financial Support Directions.

Please can you also indicate how many of the 17 cases referred to in your response of 25 January 2017, and any further cases to the present date, involved a participating employer in some sort of insolvency proceedings.


I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested.

Information we are able to supply

Since the last FOI request (FOI 2017-01-25) there has been one additional Warning Notice issued in an anti-avoidance case. There has been no further Contribution Notices or Financial Support Directions.

This brings the total up to 18 cases and of these, 12 involve an employer in some sort of insolvency proceedings.