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Master trusts based in Northern Ireland

FOI reference - FOI-4905
Date - 21 July 2020


  1. The current number of master trusts in the UK
  2. How many of these master trusts are based in Northern Ireland (and the names of those trusts)
  3. The current number of master trusts that have received authorisation
  4. If there are master trusts based in Northern Ireland, how many have received authorisation?


I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested. 

Information we are able to supply

  1. Currently there are 38 master trusts which have received authorisation and are operating. The list of these master trusts is published on the TPR website:  In addition to this number there are 28 master trusts that are in the process of exiting the market.
  2. Worker’s Pension Trust is the only master trust is based in Northern Ireland and this has received authorisation. 
  3. Please see answer to question 1.
  4. Please see answer to question 2.