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NEST missing payment information


FOI reference - FOI-4238

Date - 6 November 2019


For each of the last nine months, how many notifications per month have you received from the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) stating that the employer has failed in their legal obligation to pay employee contributions on time.

I require no other details other than (1) Month and (2) Count of notifications.


I can confirm that we hold the information you have requested.

Information we are able to supply

Month Count of notifications
September 2019 25,322
August 2019 29,951
July 2019 28,098
June 2019 16,976
May 2019 31,448
April 2019 21,338
March 2019 23,526
February 2019 23,997
January 2019 25,282

I do need to make you aware of the following factors regarding how the information above was generated.

a) Each individual report has been counted. So this will include reports of a new payment failure as well as any updates to a previously submitted report.

b) There is not a one to one relationship between the number of reports submitted and the number of employers to whom the reports relate. In other words, multiple reports could be submitted for the same employer in the time period covered.

Not all of the reports will have resulted in enforcement being carried out against an employer.