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Reports and notices

FOI reference - FOI-6334
Date - 13 September 2021


  1. How many companies have been reported to TPR for failing to agree since, Jan 2020 to date?
  2. How does that compare with other years; figures, if possible, please?
  3. How far is Covid to blame for valuations of schemes to be delayed?
  4. How many warning notices have been issued in that period?
  5. How many improvement notices afterwards?
  6. And have there been any penalties imposed in that period, if so, to whom?


I can confirm that we hold information falling within scope of your request.

Information we are able to supply

There have been 369 pension schemes, which have 1,134 companies (employers) linked to them, reported for failing to agree a valuation within the statutory deadline during the requested period (January 2020-October 2021).

This table shows how this compares to other years along with a breakdown including the number of enquires/cases, warning notices issued, improvement notices issued and number of Covid risks that have impacted failures to agree.

Year RPNA interventions No. of CV19 Risks Added Warning Notices Improvement Notices Unique schemes per year Unique employers per year
2001 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2002 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2003 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2004 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2005 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2006 0 Null Null Null Null Null
2007 16 Null Null Null 26 38
2008  101 Null Null Null 102  329
2009 78  Null Null Null 77 120
2010 93 Null Null Null 97 143
2011 82 Null 1
Null 80 193
2012 251 Null 1 Null 253 349
2013 285 Null 1 Null 297 554
2014 310 Null Null Null 274 738
2015 274 Null Null Null 268 969
2016 230 Null Null Null 230 418
2017 200 Null 8 3 205 369
168 Null 6 3 180 280
2019 121 Null Null Null 116 216
2020 196 91 Null Null 201 456
2021 120 26 Null Null 169 679

Out of the 316 ‘Recovery Plan’s Not Agreed’ reported during the period of Jan 2020 to date, in 117 cases Covid-19 was cited as a reason, or having played a part in, the failure to submit the valuation by the statutory deadline.

Between April 2020 – June 2020, TPR published guidance which confirmed that if trustees chose to delay their valuation by up to three months due to the impact of Covid-19, we would not take regulatory action. This guidance was updated in late June 2020 and the three-month delay option was removed. Following this, we saw an influx of Breach of Law reports submitted in the month of July 2020. As a result of the published guidance and the impact of Covid-19 in general, we allowed more time for trustees and employers to negotiate their valuation. TPR’s pragmatic and understanding intervention enabled compliance to be achieved without the need for formal enforcement action.

TPR take all late valuations seriously as they are a breach of legislation. Our approach is robust, but we will always act reasonably. When valuations are late, and we engage, compliance is very high without us having to report to powers, however we will consider them and have used where necessary.