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TPR and bespoke software systems

FOI reference - FOI 2017-05-05
Date - 05/05/2017


1. Does your organisation use any bespoke software systems?

If yes, please kindly complete questions a to g. If no, please proceed to question 2.

a. What is the core purpose of these system(s)?

b. Do these system(s) integrate with your organisations financial management systems?

c. Do these system(s) enable e-payments, online payments or BACS transactions?

d. Which company / companies are you contracted to for each bespoke software system?

e. What is the total value of each of these contracts over their respective terms?

f. When does the current contract term for these system(s) expire?

g. Who are the technical and procurement leads for these system(s) and their contact details?

2. Is your organisation in the process of exploring the scope or planning the procurement of a bespoke software system or an off-the-shelf commercially branded software system which you envisage will require bespoke development to fit your organisation’s needs?

If yes, please kindly complete the following questions:

a. Will this system(s) integrate with your organisations financial management system(s)?

b. Will this system(s) enable e-payments, online payments or BACS transactions?

c. Will this system(s) automate processes or data currently managed by spreadsheets?

d. Will this system(s) automate paper based processes?

e. Will this system(s) capture large volumes of data from outside your organisation?

f. When is the prospective go-live date for such system(s)?

g. What is the estimated budget for such system(s) over the intended contractual period (rough order of magnitude)?

h. Who will be the technical and procurement lead for these project(s)?


1. Yes

a. Various in-house systems relating to case management and regulation of the pension market. The only bespoke COTS system is financial.

b. Yes

c. Yes

d. The financial system bespoked is supported by M2M.

e. £13,600 per annum

f. March 2018

g. The contact details for our technical and procurement leads are as follows:

2. No