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Schemes with a specified address registered with TPR

FOI reference - FOI-3957

Date - 2 July 2019


How many schemes were registered with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) by administrators and / or scheme trustees at 31 Memorial Road, Worsley, Manchester.

Can I request a list of all Schemes registered with TPR by administrators and / or scheme trustees at 31 Memorial Road, Worsley, Manchester”


I have interpreted your requests as asking whether there are any schemes registered with TPR for which the scheme’s registered or official address is given as 31 Memorial Road, Worsley, Manchester (the specified address).

I can confirm that we hold information falling within scope of your request. However, we are unable to supply some of the information requested for the reasons set out below.

Information we are able to supply

Three schemes with the specified address have been registered with TPR by administrators and or scheme trustees.

Information we are not able to supply

We are unable to provide a list of the schemes registered with TPR by administrators and or scheme trustees for which the registered or official scheme address is the specified address.

As the regulator of work-based pension schemes we have been given strong powers to demand documents and other information from trustees, employers and others, those powers are also balanced by restrictions on how we disclose the information provided to us.

The information held on our register is information we receive in the exercise of our statutory functions and is considered ‘restricted information’. Restricted information is defined at section 82(4) of the Pensions Act 2004 (PA04) as ‘information obtained by the Regulator in the exercise of its functions which relates to the business or other affairs of any person’.

Under section 82(5) of the PA04 it is a criminal offence to disclose such information except as permitted under that Act.

Whilst the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) is based on the presumption of releasing information, it nevertheless recognises that certain information in the hands of public authorities are statutorily barred from disclosure. Section 44(1)(a) of the FoIA provides an absolute exemption to the requirement to disclose any information if its disclosure is prohibited by or under any enactment. In this case, section 82 of the PA04 prohibits disclosure of restricted information, we are therefore, unable to disclose information contained in the register. This exemption is absolute and does not require a public interest assessment be undertaken.

Further to the duty to provide advice and assistance I should explain that TPR is the regulator for work-based pension schemes with more than one registered member. Any work-based pension scheme registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which has more than one member must by law register with us. Therefore, if the scheme falls into this category (ie a work-based pension scheme registered with HMRC with more than one member) then it would also fall to be registered with TPR. This is a factual matter and no implication or assumptions should be made from the fact that a scheme is registered with TPR. If you have any concerns about a workplace pension scheme meeting the above description you can report those concerns via or calling 0345 600 7060.