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TPR pay award 2018-19

FOI reference - FOI-3453
Date - 10 December 2018


  1. Name of the unions signatory to your main collective agreement covering pay and conditions.
  2. Please state the settlement date of your latest collective pay agreement.
  3. Please state the employee groups covered by the pay agreement.
  4. Please state the number of employees covered by the agreement.
  5. Please provide a copy of your latest pay agreement.
  6. Was the latest pay settlement under the remit of the 2018-19 Civil Service pay guidance?
  7. Please list the current grades and pay rates together with the previous year’s grades and rates for the below roles or their equivalents.
  8. Please give details of any individual performance-related increases paid in terms of the percentage of the paybill allocated to fund these awards and please state whether these were consolidated or non-consolidated.
  9. Please state the overall paybill increase as a result of the 2018-19 pay settlement (including employer National Insurance and employer pension contributions).
  10. Have any other changes been made to terms and conditions as part of the latest pay award?
  11. Please provide the name and contact details of the person/s responsible for overseeing your organisation’s annual pay negotiations.
  12. If an agreement has yet to be reached please state the month in which you anticipate 2018-19 pay increase will be paid.


  1. The Partnership was signed on behalf of the Public and Commercial Services Union in 2013 by their National Officer.
  2. 28 September 2018 (the date it was paid).
  3. All employees on the payroll with the exception of the CEO.
  4. All employees on the payroll with the exception of the CEO.
  5. 1% across the board, specific uplifts to roles paid below current market, and bonus.
  6. Yes.
  7. We do not operate within Civil Service pay grades therefore we cannot answer this question.
  8. Non-consolidated bonuses awarded of 8% for strong performance and 14% for exceptional. Total pot of £944,178 equaling 2.2% of total pay bill.
  9. £451,422.
  10. No.
  11. HR and Finance
  12. Not applicable.