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Strategy and policy

View The Pensions Regulator's strategy and policy documents.

Our priorities

See our latest Corporate Strategy and Corporate Plan for more information about our high level priorities and day-to-day operations.

Automatic enrolment compliance and enforcement

Automatic enrolment compliance and enforcement strategy
PDF 153KB , 27 pages
Provides a framework for our regulatory approach, and explains the various options available to us to maximise employer compliance.
Compliance and enforcement policy
PDF 725KB , 62 pages
Explains our approach to minimising non-compliance with the duties and safeguards, and associated legislation.

If employers fail to comply, we have various powers available to us, such as issuing a compliance or penalty notice. Employers can ask for a review of these notices.

For more information go to appealing an enforcement notice.

Climate change

Climate change strategy
Sets out our strategic response to climate change and how we think we can help trustees meet the challenges from climate change.

Defined benefit schemes

Defined benefit regulatory strategy
PDF 170KB , 13 pages
Sets our our approach to regulating trust-based defined benefit (DB) occupational pension schemes
Defined benefit funding regulatory and enforcement policy
PDF 428KB , 34 pages
Our approach to regulating the statutory funding requirements as set out by, and under, Part 3 of the Pensions Act 2004 for trust-based DB occupational pension schemes.

Defined contribution schemes

DC compliance and enforcement policy
PDF 140KB , 20 pages
In relation to occupational defined contribution trust-based pension schemes.

FCA and TPR joint strategy

FCA and TPR: joint regulatory strategy
PDF 860KB , 25 pages
Our joint regulatory strategy for the pensions and retirement income sector.

Master trust schemes

Master trust schemes supervision and enforcement policy
PDF 225KB , 23 pages
Sets out our supervision and enforcement approach for master trusts once they are authorised.

Public service pension schemes

Public service pension schemes regulatory strategy
PDF 103KB , 13 pages
Regulating governance and administration in public service pension schemes.
Public service pension schemes compliance and enforcement policy
PDF 209KB , 23 pages
Describes our expectations for compliance with relevant legal requirements and how we will proceed in cases of non-compliance, including when we may use our enforcement powers.

Professional trustee description

Professional trustee description policy
PDF 43KB , 8 pages
Sets out our description of a professional trustee.

Prosecution and penalties

Settlement policy
Our approach for negotiation and concluding settlements of our regulatory or civil enforcement action.

Monetary penalties policy
PDF 68KB , 17 pages
How we use our powers to impose monetary penalties.
Prosecution policy
PDF 125KB , 9 pages
Explains how we will use our prosecution powers