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House style checklist

Use our house style checklist to ensure you are following our style guide.

Areas to check and questions to ask yourself

Before or during writing


  • Do you know who you are writing for?


  • Is your main message clear?
  • Have you stuck to the point?

As a reminder see be concise.


  • Is the language pitched at the right knowledge level for your target audience?
  • If you’ve used any technical terms, have you explained them?
  • Are you consistent and correct with use of first person, third person etc?
  • Are you writing in the active voice?
  • Where possible, are you sticking to plain English guidelines?
  • Does it sound like it’s coming from a real person?

As a reminder see top 10 plain English tips.

Tone of voice

  • Have you written with the voice of TPR?
  • Is it straightforward?
  • Is it authoritative?
  • Does it reflect our house style?

As a reminder see tone of voice.

Once you are finished

Proof read

  • Have you read it thoroughly?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Will your audience understand it? Ask a colleague to review it and check it makes sense.
  • Is there any waffle?
  • Is it consistent in tone and language?

Check spelling and grammar

  • Is your spell checker set to English UK?
  • Have you used capital letters correctly?
  • Are all your apostrophes in the right place?
  • Are there any typos that spell check would not pick up?
  • If you are not sure if you have used the right word, have you checked our A to Z of common house style points?