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An introduction to trusteeship

As a trustee you need to understand your duties, if your scheme is being run well, and your role and responsibilities. You can use our Trustee toolkit to learn about pensions and being a trustee.

What new pension trustees need to do

The knowledge and understanding that trustees need, the documents they need to be familiar with and where they can go for help.

Roles and responsibilities

Different types of trustee, the main duties and powers they have and their responsibilities on defined benefit and defined contribution schemes.

How do I know my scheme is being run well

Focusing on good outcomes for pension scheme members, and working effectively with the employer and scheme advisers.

Trustee toolkit

Increase your knowledge and understanding using the Trustee toolkit, our free online learning programme.

Related content

Helps you get to grips with your new obligations as a trustee, and provides more information about the trustee board and what to expect at your first trustee board meeting

Case studies on being a trustee

Read case studies from the Association of Member Nominated Trustees on what it's like to be a trustee.