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The law on workplace pensions has changed - act now

Find out what your employer duties are for automatic enrolment by checking your staging date and start planning today.

Post it - What is automatic enrolment?
Post it - Workplace pensions we're all in

What is automatic enrolment?

UK businesses who employ one or more workers have to put them into a pension scheme, if they meet certain criteria.

Post it - what do I need to do

What do I need to do?

To comply, you must work out who's affected and choose a pension scheme for them. You'll have to communicate changes, enrol your workers into your scheme and make contributions.

Post it - when will I have to do it?

When will I have to do it?

Find out your staging date 

You have two key dates. Firstly your staging date - the date when the law is 'switched on' for your business.

Secondly, your declaration of compliance (registration) date, the date you have to provide information to the regulator (5 months after your staging date).

Am I on track?

If you know your staging date you can check if your preparations for automatic enrolment are on track.

My staging date is:

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