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Any employer preparing for automatic enrolment should find it useful, but it’s particularly relevant to you if:

  • you employ up to 30 staff
  • every member of staff is based in the UK
  • you have one Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme
  • you have or are planning to set up a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme

Create your action plan

Allow plenty of time to prepare for automatic enrolment. We recommend you start planning up to 12 months before your staging date as there are several steps to complete.

Please note: staging dates always fall on the first of the month.

Find out your staging date

To create your action plan, you’ll need your staging date. This is when your automatic enrolment duties take effect for you. Even if you think you know it already, it makes sense to double-check before creating your plan.

Find out your staging date by entering your PAYE reference

This tool requires JavaScript to be enabled. If you don't have JavaScript enabled, our essential guide to automatic enrolment outlines the main steps you will need to be ready.