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Key points

  • You must provide certain information to the regulator about how you’ve complied with the automatic enrolment duties, such as how many people you’ve automatically enrolled and into which pension scheme(s).
  • You must complete your declaration of compliance even if you don’t have anyone to automatically enrol.
  • Declaration is mandatory and you could get fined if you don’t do it in time.
  • Your declaration deadline is five calendar months after your staging date.
  • Declaration provides a snapshot of your workforce on your staging date and you’ll need to account for each person.
  • You can complete your declaration by answering questions and providing details online. You should start filling in your details as soon as you can.

What information do I need to provide?

You’ll need your letter code and PAYE reference to access the declaration of compliance online service:

Letter codes

The letter code is a 10-digit reference beginning with a ‘1’ that’s unique to every employer.

It can be found on all written correspondence from us. If you don’t know yours or have never received it, please contact providing the following:

  • employer name
  • PAYE scheme reference(s)
  • employer address
  • your contact details (telephone number, email address, job role).

PAYE references

Your PAYE reference is on a P6 / P9 coding notice. It can also be found on your white payslip booklet, P30BC.

You’ll need to tell us things like how many people were in employment on your staging date, how many of those you’ve automatically enrolled and how many people were already in a pension scheme with you. You’ll need to account for everyone who worked for you on your staging date so make sure you provide exact numbers.

We’ll also need details about the pension scheme (or schemes) you’re using for automatic enrolment, particularly the employer pension scheme reference (EPSR) or pension scheme registry number (PSR number). If you don’t have this reference on your scheme paperwork, make sure you contact the trustees or managers of the scheme to get this in good time.

Declaration of compliance (registration) checklist

You can use our declaration checklist to help you gather all the information you need to provide us with for your automatic enrolment declaration.

When do I have to do it?

The deadline for completing your declaration of compliance is five calendar months from your staging date. For example, if your staging date is 1 November 2014, you must submit your declaration to us no later than 31 March 2015.

If your declaration deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you can provide your declaration on the next working day.

You should make a start filling in details before your staging date. Filling in details as you go through your planning process will help you avoid missing your deadline.

Because the purpose of the declaration is to tell us about every person who was in employment on your staging date, you won’t be able to complete it or submit it to us until after your staging date.

If you’ve postponed automatic enrolment for any of your staff, you mustn’t submit your declaration until after the postponement period has ended. This could mean there’s very little time between the end of the postponement period and your declaration deadline, which is why it’s a good idea to fill in details as you get them. You can complete everything in advance except for the information about your workforce.

Don’t leave it until the last day to start – you’re likely to run out of time and won’t be fully compliant.

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