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Your employer duties

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The new laws surrounding workplace pensions

Changes to pensions law gives employers new duties in relation to their workforce.

Who does this apply to?

As an employer, you'll have new duties in relation to everyone working for you:

  • who is aged between 16 and 74
  • who works in the UK
  • for whom you deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from their wages.

In this tool, we'll refer to these people as your 'staff'.

Your duties depend on the ages and earnings of your staff on your staging datestaging dateThe date when the new law is 'switched on' for your business. Our tool 'Find out your staging date' will tell you when this is likely to be..


Important note

All employers are required to complete their declaration of compliance (registration) with the regulator within five months of their staging date, even if they have no employer duties for their staff. You can declare on this website once your staging date has passed and you've fulfilled any duties you have. A link to more information on automatic enrolment, including how to declare, is at the end of this tool.

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