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Determinations Panel activity

FOI ref - FOI-54
Date - 17 November 2022


Please could you provide me (broken down into the last five years):

  1. The number of cases brought before the Determinations Panel each year.
  2. The number of times it issued a Contribution Notice each year.
  3. The number of times it issued financial support directions each year.
  4. The number of times it recommended proceedings be stopped.


I can confirm that we hold this information. However, it is exempt from disclosure under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act. This is because the information is accessible to you, as it is already in the public domain

Advice and assistance

All of the requested information is publicly available on The Pension Regulator’s website, within our annual report and accounts. The requested four sets of information for the last five years can be found in TPR’s annual reporting account.

In the reports search for title 'Governance report' then 'Report on the activities of the Determinations Panel'.

There is usually a table at the bottom of the Determinations Panel report which sets out the case numbers and power types per financial year, except for last year where the numbers are set out in the paragraph under 'Casework in 2021-2022'.

With regards to question 4, we would clarify that the Determinations Panel does not recommend that proceedings be stopped. Its role is to decide whether to exercise the powers that The Pension Regulator’s case team has asked it to exercise based on the material which has been provided to it. The Determinations Panel makes no recommendations on whether cases should be continued or stopped.