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Automatic enrolment guide for business advisers

The business adviser’s online guide shows how you can help your clients with their automatic enrolment duties. Ensure you understand what your client's automatic enrolment duties are and when they come into effect.

Find out more about automatic enrolment and how the law applies to your clients.

Completing the declaration of compliance

Your client must provide information to show they are meeting their automatic enrolment duties. This means completing a declaration of compliance using our online service as soon as possible.


Re-enrolment is the process where your client must re-enrol certain staff into a pension scheme that can be used for automatic enrolment, if they’re not already active members of one.

Choosing a pension scheme

If your client has staff to automatically enrol they will need a pension scheme. They will need to either set up a new scheme or check their existing scheme meets certain criteria.

Knowing your client's ongoing duties

Automatic enrolment is a continuing responsibility for employers. An employer's duties do not end after their staging date or duties start date (whichever applies to your client).

About automatic enrolment

What automatic enrolment is, whether it applies to your clients and what your role is.

Duties for new employers

From 1 October 2017, your client has duties from the day their first member of staff starts work, and must comply straight away. Check what they need to do so you can provide support.

Being a point of contact

How to nominate an employer contact and an additional contact to receive communications from The Pensions Regulator.

Checking who to enrol

To check if your client needs to enrol staff into a pension scheme that can be used for automatic enrolment, it’s important your client carries out a preliminary assessment of their staff to work out who to put into the pension scheme.

Working out your client's costs

You may need to think about your client’s one-off costs to set up automatic enrolment, as well as the ongoing cost to them of paying money into a pension scheme and managing the process.

Checking records and payroll processes

It is essential that staff records are correct and up to date as they will be needed to run automatic enrolment effectively.

Assessing and enrolling staff

Your client must ensure eligible staff are enrolled by sending their pension scheme the information they need to make them active members of the scheme. This should be done as quickly as possible.

Writing to your client's staff

Once staff have been assessed to work out who to put into a pension scheme they must be given information which explains how automatic enrolment applies to them.

Supporting resources

We have developed a range of resources for advisers that show how you can help your clients with their automatic enrolment duties. These resources also appear throughout the automatic enrolment guide for business advisers.