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Names of remaining non-micro schemes

FOI reference - FOI-5833
Date - 12 April 2021


The data shows that since the beginning of 2010 the number of non-micro schemes, including hybrid schemes, has declined by 66% (from 4,560 to 1,560). My specific request is to view the names of the remaining 1,560 non-micro schemes covered in the data.


I can confirm that we hold information falling within scope of your request.  However, we are unable to supply the information requested for the reason set out below.

Information we are not able to supply

Section 44(1)(a) – restricted information under s82 PA04

As we have been given strong powers to demand documents and other information from trustees, employers and others, those powers are also balanced by restrictions on how we disclose the information provided to us.  The type of information you have requested would be ‘restricted information’.  Restricted information is defined at section 82(4) of the Pensions Act 2004 (PA04) as:

‘…information obtained by the Regulator in the exercise of its functions which relates to the business or other affairs of any person’. 

Under section 82(5) of the PA04 it is a criminal offence to disclose such information except as permitted under that Act.

Whilst the FoIA is based on the presumption of releasing information, section 44(1)(a) of the FoIA provides an absolute exemption to the requirement to disclose any information if its disclosure is prohibited by or under any enactment. In this case, section 82 of the PA04 prohibits disclosure and we are unable to disclose the requested information.  This exemption is absolute and does not require a public interest assessment be undertaken.

Below I have included a link where you can download a slightly aged register which contains all UK schemes with more than 100 members (at a historic time point).

This comprises approximately 9,200 schemes.  As a precaution I would suggest downloading a copy of this while it is still available. Please note this doesn’t include details of benefit structure type (DB/DC/Hybrid), but often this can be discerned from the scheme name.