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Potential call-off contracts

FOI reference - FOI-80
Date - 8 January 2023


You have requested the following information:

“I am doing a research project investigating call-off contracts in the public sector. I have identified some potential call-off contracts awarded by the Pensions Regulator, but I can't find details of the framework agreements they were awarded from.

I have attached an Excel file that contains the information I am looking at. The last two columns ("Title of framework used" and "Contracts Finder or TED link of framework agreement") is where I am missing information - please could you fill these in.

Please note that I have identified these contracts as possible call-off contracts, so some of them might not be. Some could be, for instance, procured directly (without being called off from a framework agreement), or could be themselves notices of the establishment of a framework agreement. Therefore I would kindly ask you to specify in these incidences what kind of procurement was used in the "Title of framework used" column.

I have provided the title, description, details of the email contact from the notice, the publication date, and procedure type used to award each potential call-off, as well as a URL link to the call-off in question and a unique reference ID for each potential call-off. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to complete the request.”


I can confirm that we hold information the information you have requested.

Information we are able to supply

Your table has been completed with the information as requested:

Reference Title Description URL Supplier Award Procedure Email Title of Framework Used Contract Finder or TEDD link for framework used (if applicable)
9ed9d244-0216-4c63-9f9e-63ff74f8f6ed_award Command Papers Publication and electronic distribution in Parliament of TPR's AR&A 2021-2022.Creation of 20pt large print pdf version of TPR's AR&A 2021-2022 for a sitting MP. Making the final pdf of TPR's AR&A 2021-2022 fully accessible.
Call Off From Framework Agreement Call off contract RM6170
59a61420-249a-4ed5-bc15-6c0c7895a680_award Executive Search Services (Determinations Panel) Provision of Executive Search Services to The Pensions Regulator in regards to Determinations Panel member roles.
Call Off From Framework Agreement Call off contract RM6002
7dcd2231-28f8-4da0-bca3-77cd6cf88d6d_award Security Screening Services Provision of Pre-employment security screening services to The Pensions Regulator
Call Off From Framework Agreement Call off contract RM1557.12
d727da2d-3e76-4a6d-aaa1-177ad411f309_award Gartner Subscription To benchmark back-office roles.
Call Off From Framework Agreement Call off contract RM1557.12
a4265b55-0023-47c2-8fef-9f899d415252_award Executive Search Services (CEO) Provision of Executive Search Services for The Pensions Regulator CEO role with optional provision for search services for other executive recruitment.
Call Off From Framework Agreement Call off contract RM6002