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Staff diversity and inclusion information

Diversity and inclusion information on staff at The Pensions Regulator as at 31 March 2020.

Results are rounded to the nearest whole number for ease of reading and interpretation.


We have people of all ages working for us. The majority of our workforce (85%) is aged between 30 and 59, with the average age being 42.


5% of our workforce declared themselves as having a disability. 82% of staff did not declare a disability.


7% of our workforce declared they were from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background and 79% declared they were of white origin.


We maintain a strong gender balance with 51% females to 49% males overall, a 50/50 gender balance at Executive Committee leadership level and a 50/50 gender balance at Senior Leadership Team level.

Gender pay gap

Our median gender pay gap is 8.7% and our mean gender pay gap is 11%.

Marriage and partnership

44% of the workforce declared themselves as married or in a civil partnership.

New parents

The total number of new parents taking leave was 28.

Sixteen people went on maternity leave, 8 people took paternity leave and five people took shared parental leave. One person took both paternity leave and then shared parental leave, so is counted under both.

Religion or belief

32% of our workforce declared a religion, 45% declared they have no religion.

Sexual orientation

7% of our workforce declared themselves gay, lesbian or bisexual.


The average days lost per headcount due to sickness absence was 6.6 days. This is lower than the public sector average of 8.4 days. Working pattern 12% of our workforce work part-time.