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Transcript of Figure 1: Some of the recent trends and changes we'll need to adapt to as identified in our recent Corporate Strategy 2021

Work and retirement are changing

People work and earn differently, and how they access pensions will change.

Shift in the balance of the market

We expect changes in the trustee model within pensions, with fewer, more professional, trustees.

Defined benefits reducing

As assets and savers in DB schemes reduce, we need to consider how our skillsets and focus may need to change.

The DC market is growing and consolidating

As they become systematically large entities with virtually all new savers — how do we regulate them and what focus do they require?

Suppliers innovation and integration

Pension providers will diversify into other products and services for savers.

Stewardship of investments

Effective, ethical and diverse management is more and more important to savers.


What regulatory engagement and data analysis technologies should we develop?


How will market consolidation, integration and innovation change the regulatory landscape?