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DB scheme costs

Trustees can use our tool to view highlights from our defined benefit (DB) scheme running costs research report 2014 and compare costs information for schemes of a similar size to their own.

You can use our checklist to help you calculate and compare your DB scheme costs with other schemes.

Note that the figures generated by this tool are based on the survey and prices in 2014. Use the figures generated by the tool with caution and allow for inflation. We may repeat the survey and update the tool in the future.

Use our DB scheme costs comparison tool

The amount which trustees pay to run their scheme, and the allocation among the various cost types, may vary depending on the design and needs of their scheme and the scheme's complexity, as well as the trustees' and sponsoring employer's own skills.

However, understanding what you are paying, and the range of charges for a cost type, is the first step to considering how to ensure you are getting value for money.

Use the tool below to view highlights from our 2014 DB scheme running costs research report and compare costs information for schemes of a similar size to your own.

You may find this helpful to compare what you pay to run your own scheme against the typical cost for schemes in your size band, although cost alone does not indicate whether the scheme is getting value for money.

What size is your DB pension scheme?

Select how many members are in your scheme (including active, deferred and pensioner members):

Please note: the figures this tool displays exclude the costs of levies and the production of actuarial valuations.

DB scheme running costs research

The DB scheme running costs research report 2014 contains analysis of the annual cost of running a DB scheme, including a breakdown of average charges paid in each scheme size band, and comparisons of average costs between schemes in different size bands.

Compare your DB scheme costs

Use our checklist to review your own scheme costs, allowing you to check your understanding of these costs and make a more direct comparison between your own experience and the research findings for schemes in the same size band.

Where you are unclear about your costs you may want to have a conversation with your sponsor or providers.

Send us your feedback

We’re interested in hearing the pensions industry’s views about the research and achieving value for money in DB schemes.

If you have any feedback please email:

Additional resource - the Cost Transparency Initiative

The Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) is a partnership initiative between the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA), the Investment Association (IA), and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Advisory Board. With an increasing focus on cost transparency across all financial universes, the CTI has produced a suite of voluntary templates and guidance designed to help trustees understand and compare the costs of their investment services by using a standardised reporting format. These templates can be used to request charges information.