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Penalty notices

Section 89 of the Pensions Act 2004 gives us the power to publish information on cases where we have exercised or considered exercising our powers.

Our ability to publish information – including details of our enforcement cases – plays an important part in enabling our commitment to transparency, and increases awareness and understanding of our decisions and actions.

The following tables name employers who have received an Escalating Penalty Notice (EPN) for breaches relating to automatic enrolment under the Pensions Act 2008. We will publish the names of those who have paid their EPN and remain non-compliant, as well as those who have failed to pay their EPN and as a result have been made subject to a court order.

We also publish information about failures to complete a scheme return or prepare a compliant chair’s statement. Trustees have a legal obligation to give us information about their pension scheme by completing a scheme return when required, and can be fined under section 10 of the Pensions Act 1995. The Occupational Pension Schemes (Charges and Governance) Regulations 2015 also require us to issue a mandatory penalty where there has been a failure to prepare a chair’s statement. The list includes the name of the scheme, type of breach, and the fine amount, and names any professional trustee related to that scheme.

We will publish this information on a quarterly basis. Penalties are listed when they become payable but may relate to an historical breach.

Employer non-compliant, subject to further action (EPN paid)

1 July to 30 September 2019

Employer name City / town Amount paid 
Billaze Ltd T/A Maxwell Gordon Pharmacy London £5,000
Deral Ltd Motherwell £5,000
E & N Consultancy Limited Preston £5,000
Hertz Europe Limited Southall £5,000

Unpaid EPNs subject to a Court Order

1 July to 30 September 2019

Employer name City / town Amount paid
Brands Consulting Limited Birmingham £5,000
Briskland Ltd Birmingham £1,000
E4K Limited Birmingham £5,000
Mr C Wilson T/A Centro Waste Services Birmingham £1,000
Saint Property Services Ltd NULL £1,400
A Cleaner Company Ltd Southend £14,000
Salad Choice UK Ltd Harrow £14,000
Stephanie Thomas Swansea £14,000
TNF Cuisine Limited Bolton £1,400
Iqbal Foods Limited Bradford £14,000
M B E Construction Ltd Liverpool £14,000
UK Kidz Solutions Ltd Sheffield £14,000
Julie Woodford Bournemouth £14,000
John Smart Chartered Accountants Cardiff £2,500
RRS UK Ltd Southampton £14,000
Pristine Commercial Ltd Chelmsford £14,000
Milecross Trading Ltd Liverpool £28,000
Samantha Gray Owen Llandudno £10,500
E Giant Ltd Southampton £5,000
Tonichi Drylining UK Ltd Romford £5,000
Mr Andrew Dawson T/A Opus Business Services NULL £6,000
Anchor Health Limited London £5,000
Icon Bars Limited NULL £14,000
Ernest Griffith and Sons Ltd Manchester £5,000
Park Lane Collections Ltd London £9,500
Mark Kempe T/A The White Horse Inn Leicester £14,000
The Beauchamp Arms Worcester £1,150
Manaco (Mian) Limited London £5,000
Ms N Duddy T/A Strathaven Gift Shop and Tea Room Motherwell £7,000
Vietnam Mini Market Limited T/A Vietnam Supermarket London £2,000
Matthews Roofing (Bristol) Ltd Bristol £5,000
Kristina Louise Buffet T/A Ancient Briton Cardiff £1,100
Annicom Ltd Guilford £10,500
Ashlar Mason Ltd London £11,000
Fleetline Vehicle Services Limited Bradford £5,000
Mahogany Community Ventures Ltd London £5,000
Mr Abdul Latif T/A Sindh Indian Cuisine Warrington £4,000
Sapan Ltd Swansea £13,000
Smartmove and Co (South West) Ltd Bristol £4,600
SWJ UK Ltd Oxford £3,000
The Children's Hub Ltd Bradford £13,600
Tylers Homecare Ltd London £14,000
UCF Services (Lincoln) Ltd Lincoln £1,000
Wrexham Truck And Trailer Ltd Llandudno £4,000
Birmingham Inns Limited Birmingham £6,500
Alloy Masters Limited Shrewsbury £5,000
Manterfield Drilling Ltd Sheffield £14,000
Maya and Co Solicitors Limited Coventry £5,000
The Traditional English Furniture Company Ltd Twickenham £5,000
Williams Floorcoverings Ltd Lancaster £5,000
Peter Lewis Civil Engineering Ltd Warrington £5,000
Sargent Brothers (Thames) Limited Ilford £5,000
Andrew R Dean T/A Ardent Twickenham £5,000
Argall Metal Recycling Ltd London £5,000
Atimes2 Limited Nottingham £14,000
Autosave (Pontefract) Limited T/A Auto Save Motorist Centre Wakefield £5,000
Cam Cab Limited Cambridge £14,000
Churchills Dairy and Parlour Services Ltd Bath £5,000
D and J Foster T/A Fosters For Flowers Stockport £5,000
David Eccleston Ltd Preston £4,000
Dengie Livestock Ltd Chelmsford £14,000
Galicia Restaurant Ltd Tonbridge £14,000
K1 Furnishings Limited Enfield £5,000
M A K Enterprises Ltd Twickenham £4,000
Morrow Sodali Limited Slough £5,000
Mr A Hussain T/A The Everest Restaurant Gloucester £14,000
Chinniah Ravikumar T/A Clapton Service Station London £5,000
R House Lettings Ltd Liverpool £5,000
G Cotton T/A G. Cotton Baker and Confectioner Southampton £14,000
Mr T Reilly and Miss L Reilly T/A Westminster House Southend £14,000
Ghost Bus Tours Limited London £1,400
Katie Kerr Ltd Newcastle £950
Crawley Car Company Ltd Redhill £14,000
P Hickey (Plant Hire) Ltd Sutton £14,000
LJR Beauty Ltd Chelmsford £2,900
Swale Valley Construction Ltd Darlington £1,500
PHHC NULL £14,000
Mr Andrew Clark NULL £5,600
Cracco En Ltd Ipswich £5,000
Mr Ryan Smith T/A Smith's Barbers Newcastle £4,500
The Leather Warehouse Limited NULL £24,500

Chair's statement fines – failing to produce

Please note that penalties are listed when they become payable but may relate to an historical breach.

1 July to 30 September 2019

Scheme Professional trustee / pension professional Amount
Budenberg 1996 Pension Scheme   £500.70
Westgate GMP Section   £507.70
Dennis Baldwin and Sons Ltd Company Pension Scheme   £501.20
Attwater and Sons Limited Retirement Savings Plan   £500.70
Monro White Hilton and Partners Scheme 50607   £500.20
Stuart Hamilton Plant Ltd Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme 33878   £500.60
Kerndale Ltd Employees Pension Plan   £500.60
Lockwood and Greenwood Company Pension Plan 1988 U483199   £500.60
NLS Tools Co Retirement Benefits Plan Policy No: H98540   £500.40
Stellison Limited 54117   £500.20
ESP Plastics Pension Scheme   £500.80
Ernest Green and Partners Pens and Life Ass Plan (Sel-07900B)   £501.40
The Paul Mellon Centre Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme 50442   £500.20
Manchester Beth Din Staff Pension Scheme 71860   £500.50
Gwyndy Quarries Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.40
Dr Tetsujiro Ihara Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.30
Guideline Lift Services Ltd Pension Scheme   £500.70
MPC Ltd Retirement and Benefit Scheme   £500.20
Cam-Tec Systems Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.40
The Central Micro Systems (Midlands) Ltd Pension Plan P00222-020-Be   £500.20
Royal Incorporation of Architects In Scotland Pension And Life Assurance Scheme   £507.80
William Pye Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme   £500.60
Wentworth Sawmills Ltd Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme 85120   £500.90
MAJ Hi Spec Ltd Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme   £500.30
Elmpark Employees Retirement Plan Albany Pension Managers and Trustees Ltd  £2,000.00

Chair's statement fines – not compliant

Please note that penalties are listed when they become payable but may relate to an historical breach.

1 July to 30 September 2019

Scheme name Professional trustee / pension professional Amount
The Salvus Master Trust
Accenture Retirement Savings Plan   £2,000
FCA Pension Plan

Scheme return fine – failing to submit to us on time

1 July to 30 September 2019

Scheme name Number of fines issued Professional trustee / pension professional Amount
BDCO Pension Scheme 1   £300
Knowles Food Services Ltd Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme F6496 1   £500
Scientific Glass Blowing Co Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme 204 1   £500
World Carrier Retirement Plan 1   £500
Robert J Hart and Co Retirement Benefits Scheme 002263 1   £500
Mccann-Erickson Advertising Ltd Executive Pension Plan 762459 1   £500
G and N Joinery Ltd RBS 2   £300
Delphi Consultancy (UK) Ltd Pension Scheme P1200577a 2   £300
Bayview Investments Poole Ltd SSAS 1   £600
Liberty Maritime Agency Ltd (1987) Ebp 005353 - Sun Alliance 1   £500
Aston Trading Ltd 2   £600
North London Saw Works Ltd Retirement Benefit Plan H98530 2   £300
Safewater Systems Ltd Pension Scheme 1   £300
The Modern Pension Scheme 2   £600
Andrew Mark Shopfronts Ltd Personal Pension Scheme Executive Pension Plan Px 57003099/ Pe43006903 1   £500
Ringmist Executive Pension Scheme 1   £300
ND Chemists Ltd Plan P00855-047-Be/001 1   £250
JSN Retirement Benefit Scheme 2   £300
Alexander Fowlie Discretionary Retirement Benefits Scheme 12541x 1   £300
Wine and Spirit Education Trust Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme 2273b 1   £500