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Trustee appointment questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about using our Trustee Appointment Requests (TAR) online service, accessible via Exchange.
How can I save my request if I don't have all the information I require?
You can save the trustee appointment request at any point when completing the initial questions by selecting either the 'save' button or the 'save and exit' button.
What type of files can I upload and what is the size limit?
You can use any of the following formats: pdf, jpg, bmp, tiff. The size limit for uploading files is 5MB.
Which web browsers does the trustee appointment request (TAR) system work with?

The following web browsers are supported by TAR:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or more recent versions
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
Why am I unable to change the type of appointment requested?

It is possible to change a trustee appointment request form from the welcome page by selecting the 'amend' button. Once you have begun to complete the form, the details you can amend will depend on the status of the request. This is because the system is designed only to display fields that are relevant to the request type. When you have travelled down a particular path, and the required answers have been generated, you cannot return and select a new path.

Once you confirm the appointment type, you will no longer be able to amend the basic scheme and employer details.

If you want to change the appointment type, you will need to return to the provider listing page and delete the request. Select the 'delete' button against the appropriate request and confirm. Once deleted, you can create a new request.

When will a trustee appointment request be considered?

We can appoint a trustee to a scheme where it is within our remit to act, as set out in the Pensions Act 1995. This is to ensure that the number of trustees is sufficient for the proper administration of the scheme.

For appointments on these grounds we generally exercise powers where we are satisfied that there is:

  • an insufficient number of trustees in place, or where there are trustees in place, they are either unwilling or unable to act and
  • no other party (usually the employer) able to appoint new trustees
How long will it take for a trustee appointment request to be considered?

We aim to let you know whether it's reasonable to appoint a trustee within ten working days. If we do determine it's reasonable to appoint we will follow our Staff Determinations procedure and would expect to confirm the appointment within:

  • Four weeks from the date of determining it is reasonable to appoint for member or third party appointments.
  • Ten weeks from the date of determining it is reasonable to appoint for independent trustee appointments.
I am unable to provide the evidence I'm being asked for to support my request. What can I do?
If documentation has been lost we need to understand why the scheme provider is satisfied it is within our remit to appoint a trustee and is of the view that it would be reasonable to do so. An individual with the appropriate authority within the provider's firm should also complete the scheme provider declaration (DOC, 71kb) detailing what information and documentation you can provide in place of the required evidence.
Can I make a paper-based trustee appointment request?
From 30 October 2015 we will not accept requests made using paper forms unless there is a valid reason why an individual is unable to use the online system.
Can I print a copy of the request I have made?

You can do this from the 'welcome' page. To show all submitted requests, select 'tick to include previously submitted trustee appointment requests in the list below'.

You will then be able to view any submitted request and locate the appropriate request to print. After selecting the 'print' button, a PDF of the request will be displayed. You can then select to print from your PDF software application.

How long will a member or a third party trustee appointment last for?
If it is considered appropriate to appoint the member or third party as sole trustee of the scheme, the powers of the appointed trustee are usually restricted to paying the benefits of the member only. The appointment order will usually remain in force for nine months from the date of the original order.
The principal employer or corporate trustee of the scheme is in liquidation. Should I ask the insolvency practitioner to appoint new trustees to the scheme?
The notes for insolvency practitioners: trustees and statutory notices statement explains our position on this. There are some circumstances where it may be appropriate for the insolvency practitioner to act or appoint new trustees rather than asking us to appoint a trustee.
What appointment type is appropriate for schemes with less than two members?
If the pension scheme has one member we will consider appointing the member or a third party as trustee of the member's own benefits within the scheme. If the pension scheme has two or more members, then we will usually consider the appointment of an independent trustee to be more appropriate. We may act outside our usual processes if the scheme or members circumstances are exceptional.
Do I need to provide the fund value for every member in the scheme?
For independent trustee appointments we just require the total fund value of the scheme. For member or third party appointments we require the total value of the member's benefits to which the request to appoint relates, as well as the total of funds in the scheme.
Is it possible to have multiple accounts on the trustee appointment request system (for example where the provider has two separate offices)?

Yes. To do this, email with the information for each account. For each account we will require:

  • Confirmation of the name for your account
    This is likely to be the name of your company.
  • Email address of your primary account holder
    Your primary account holder needs to already be registered on Exchange and, once your account is set up, will have the ability to add or remove users, provided each user is also registered on Exchange.
Do I have to submit the original version of a declaration form?
We will accept declaration forms that have been scanned by the party who completed it or scanned by the provider as long as the scanned copy is legible.