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Board information

Board meeting summaries, expenses and other related documentation.

Meeting summaries

Board summary June 2019
PDF 56KB , 2 pages
Board summary May 2019
PDF 392KB , 3 pages
Board summary March 2019
PDF 389KB , 3 pages
Board summary February 2019
PDF 395KB , 4 pages
Board summary December 2018
PDF 326KB , 4 pages
Board summary November 2018
PDF 324KB , 4 pages
Board summary October 2018
PDF 321KB , 4 pages
Board summary September 2018
PDF 307KB , 4 pages
Board summary July 2018
PDF 306KB , 4 pages
Board summary June 2018
PDF 316KB , 4 pages


The recent quarterly expenses for The Pensions Regulator's Chair and board members includes all costs incurred for travel, accommodation and meals, etc as well as any hospitality given to others or received, and are in line with our expenses policies.

How expenses are incurred

Expenses are incurred by our board members in two ways:

  • either individuals spend their own money whilst on business on behalf of the regulator and then claim it back (see staff and board / panel expenses policies in our publication scheme)
  • the business makes bookings, particularly for travel and accommodation that need to be booked in advance, is invoiced for the cost

So travel / expenses bookings made in advance will be published for the quarter in which they were processed / paid, and therefore may not necessarily appear alongside other expenses (claimed back in arrears) for the same trip.