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Ask for more time to deal with a pension transfer

If the legal requirements are met, pension trustees have a duty to carry out the transfer of a member's cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) before the statutory six-month deadline. Most transfer requests should be completed in this time.

In exceptional circumstances, you can ask for a time extension. This includes when:

  • the member hasn't taken all steps they need to take for you to carry out the transfer
  • you haven't been provided with information you reasonably require to properly carry out the member's request

You must apply for a time extension before the end of the six-month statutory deadline given to the trustees to complete the transfer. However, in order to provide us with sufficient time to consider it, you should submit an application well ahead of this deadline, preferably at least six weeks before it.

Make sure it contains all the information we require. It should:

  • explain why the transfer can't be completed on time
  • clearly identify the basis for the extension request by referring to one of the reasons under which we may grant an extension
  • state the extra time needed to make the transfer

Where you suspect a pension scam, this is not necessarily enough for us to grant a time extension.

Download the CETV extension application form (PDF, 69kb, 7 pages).

For further information, read the DB to DC transfers guidance.