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Publishing scheme information

Certain information relating to public service pension schemes needs to be published so that scheme members and interested parties know that their scheme is being managed effectively.

You should have policies and processes in place to keep published information up to date and accurate.

Key points

  • The scheme manager must publish and keep up-to-date information about the pension board.
  • You should consider publishing other information about the pension board.

What information to publish

The scheme manager must publish information about the pension board and keep that information up to date, including:

  • who the pension board members are
  • representation on the pension board
  • matters for which the pension board is responsible

You should also publish:

  • the pension board’s terms of reference
  • the pension board appointment process
  • who each pension board member represents
  • employment and job title (where relevant) and any other relevant position held by each board member
  • any specific roles and responsibilities of individual pension board members

You should consider publishing other information such as pension board papers, agendas and meeting minutes (with confidential information removed).

The scheme manager or responsible authority may also be required to publish other information about governance and administration. For example, HM Treasury or Department of Finance and Personnel in Northern Ireland directions may require specific scheme information to be published.

Who to make information available to

You should make pension board information available to all scheme members and all staff who are eligible to be automatically enrolled into the scheme without them needing to ask for it.

You should give the information to other interested parties when they ask for it. This includes prospective members who are not eligible to be automatically enrolled into the scheme and those who have opted out of membership. You should make it clear how they can ask for this information, for example by:

  • including the contact name on the scheme website
  • including this information in any document that sets out what information the scheme manager holds and how this information is made available to the public

How to provide the information

The scheme manager should decide the most appropriate way of providing pension board information. This may include:

  • maintaining information on a website that members can access
  • displaying the information in notices at the employer’s offices
  • including information in regular communication to members

Keeping information up to date

The scheme manager should ensure that the scheme has processes in place to review information published about the pension board on an ongoing basis and must ensure that the information published is kept up to date..